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Virgil Donati Bio

Virgil Donati, an Australian drumming superstar, has been surrounded by music ever since he was a baby. He observed his fathers bands practiced at his house which eventually sparked the interest in becoming a drummer himself. Donati is most commonly known for his polyrhythmic work in bands such as Planet X, and Steve Vai. By the age of 15, Donati was already singed with a popular Australian band called “Taste”. Many years of non stop touring allowed Virgil Donati to grow in his stage presence and live performance. At the age of 19, Virgil Donati moved to the USA to study drums full time.  It wasn’t until later on in his time in the USA where he started his professional career with Planet X, Steve Vai, Mick Jagger, Cab, and more. Donati is very talented with his feet, being a master of the double bass drum and other foot techniques.

Virgil Donati is probably the best polyrhythmic drummer of all time. He can manipulate time signatures in ways most drummers can’t even comprehend. His solos are technical, entertaining, and challenging to listen to. Virgil Donati plays on a Pearl drum set with a number of toms. He sometimes uses Air Toms, which are toms that hang above the first layer of toms. Donati has a signature snare drum designed with Pearl. He also endorses Sabian Cymbals. Definitely an influential drummer of our time!

Take a few moments to explore some of Virgil Donati’s most popular drum solos and live performances or visit Free Drum Lessons to see some more Virgil Donati drum videos. He is definitely a great drummer to watch live!

Virgil Donati Videos

Drum Clinic - Long Island 1999

Live Drum Solo #1 - NAMM 06

Live Drum Solo #2 - Steve Vai