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John Bonham Bio

John Bonham was born on May 31st, 1948 in England. He is probably is one of the most influential rock drummers of all time, drumming for the famous band known as Led Zeppelin. His Death at the age of 32 on September 1980 of alcohol poisoning shocked the world and put a dint in the rock scene forever. Bonham started playing the drums at the age of 5 by playing on an arrangement of pots and pans until he got his first drum kit at the age of 14. His drumming idols were Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich.  Bonham’s played for many bands in his early stages of life before joining the hit British band Led Zeppelin. He was known for being a very loud drummer, often breaking the drum heads during shows and playing on sticks so thick he would call them “trees”


John Bonham was a huge influence on the rock scene (even to this day) due to his soloing, and incredible skill on the drum set. Definitely a very skilled drummer, he was known as the king of the triplet, as he was able to play triplets with this bass drum and sticks with ease. His solos were also very impressive, sometimes running for over a half hour, like his famous Moby Dick Solo. Bonham played for other artists such as Paul McCartney while in Led Zeppelin, so he was not only a heavy rock drummer. He played on a Ludwig drum set that helped make the name Ludwig so popular. He played on a set up that soon became a standard for most rock drummers, including a big bass drum and floor toms. Bonham’s cymbal choice was with Paiste.


John Bonham was definitely one of the most influential rock drummers of all time. Take a few moments to reflect on the skill and creativity of John Bonham by looking at some of his drum solo work below. He will definitely be missed.  You can also view some of these timeless drum videos by John Bonham.

John Bonham Videos

Live Drum Solo #1

Live Drum Solo #2

Live Drum Solo #3