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Elvin Jones Bio

Elvin Jones was born on September 9, 1927 in Michigan. He passed away recently, on May 18, 2004. He was the only jazz drummer out of his family of 10. Elvin Jones is best known for his playing with jazz legends Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, and Wardell Gray. Elvin Jones is a legend when it comes to jazz music. Most inspiring jazz drummers will have Elvin Jones as one of their inspirations. In 1960, Jones joined up with his most popular jazz artists, John Coltrane. He played with him until 1966, when he moved on to play with Duke Elington. Elvin Jones is known for his unique timing, polyrhythms, dynamics, and legato phrasing. He was also very capable of bring a loud sound to the drums.

Elvin Jones had a life full of achievements. Like Magazine dubbed him as the World’s Greatest Rhythmic Drummer. In 1999, Elvin Jones worked with rock band Our Lady Peace on their Happiness… Is not a Fish you can Catch album. Elvin Jones constantly taught in drum clinics around the world. He had an enormous heart, playing for hundreds of schools, and giving free concerts to prisons. Elvin Jones passed away from heart failure in 2004; his drumming style will be imitated for many years to come!

Check out some of Elvin Jones’ most popular solos and live tracks below.

Elvin Jones Videos

Elvin Jones playing a vintage solo.