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Ringo Starr Bio

Richard Starkey, also known as Ringo Starr, born on Jan 7, 1940, is by far the most popular drummer in all of history. Is efforts in music have almost gotten him Knighted by the Queen of England herself. Ringo started his career in music at an early age. His first real big band happened to be one of the biggest most popular bands in the world – The Beatles. His music took off just as fast as the Beatles did. Ringo Starr is left handed, however he plays on a right handed kit. Starr is a very influential drummer, helping shape the careers of certain drummers like Danny Carey, Dave Grohl, Max Weinberg, Mike Portnoy, and more. To most, Ringo Starr is much underrated, however his skill, technique and ability to keep time cannot be overlooked. Starr is known to help advance some of the modern drum techniques like matched stick grip, raising the drum set, tuning the drums noticeably lower, and using muffle devices on the drums. Ringo had many achievements and honors with the Beatles, too many to list in a short bio!

Ringo’s career certainly did not end with the break up of the Beatles. Ringo started creating his own records. His 1973 record – Ringo, is his number one selling record. Ringo played with former Beatles band mates in many shows and records. Apart from music, Ringo also started appearing in television shows and movies. In 1984, Ringo narrated the children’s TV show Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. In the late 80’s, Ringo started a touring festival called Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band.  To this day Ringo is still playing, drumming, and producing for many artists. He I under works in producing another album under his name, RINGO.

Check out below to see a complete list of Ringo Starr’s drum solo and live performances. These drumming videos give you an example of why Ringo is still seen as the most influential drummer of rock and roll!

Ringo Starr Videos

Ringo Starr playing with Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and George Harrison