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Steve Gadd Bio

Steve Gadd was born on April 9th, in 1945 in New York. He has been playing ever sine he was young, developing into a decent drummer by the age of 11. He is known for his work in the studios with many famous artists and bands. Gadd is by far the drummer with the most recorded tracks in drummer history. Here is a small example of the bands and artists Gadd has recorded and toured for: Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Joe Cocker, Manhattan Jazz Quintet, Steely Dan, and Chick Corea. He is known best for his variety in music styles, and the ability to play perfectly, (weather in studio or live).  Steve Gadd has had quite the education, including the Manhattan School of Music, The Eastern School of Music, and even US Army Drum corps, (due to his 3 years service).

Not only has Gadd recorded numerous records, he has also published his share of instructional books and DVD’s. This only emphasizes his ability to transfer his skills to others. Steve Gadd was one of the first drummers to endorse Yamaha Drums. He mainly played on the Recording Custom; however, he recently has moved onto the Birch Custom. Steve Gadd has his own signature snare drum with Yamaha. Gadd Also endorses Zildjian, having his own K-Custom session cymbals. Despite his age, Steve Gadd is still by far one of the best musicians in the drumming community. His understanding of jazz and Latin grooves gives him the edge over most modern drummers.

Scroll down to see a selection of some of Steve Gadd’s most popular instructional videos and Solos. You will notice why this guy has spent so much time doing session work in studios when you see the sure variety in his solos and grooves!

Steve Gadd Videos

50 Ways

Paradiddle Solo

Live Drum Solo #1

Live Drum Solo #2

Steve playing with Vinnie Calaiuta and Dave Weckl