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Neil Peart Bio

Neil Peart was born on Sept. 12, 1952 in Hagersville Ont. He has been drumming ever since he was very young.  Peart is most commonly known for his work in the progressive rock band Rush, where he has been drumming for since there establishment in 1974. Neil Peart never went to any music school; in fact he dropped out of high school to follow his musical dreams. Neil is known as one of the best rock drummers around; which may be true. His list of awards he has won is endless – including Best Rock Drummer for 6 consecutive years.


Aside from Rush, Neil Peart is well known for his lengthy solos, where he entertains the audience for sometimes hours with his well thought out solos including every part of the drum set. His huge drum set up, that spans 360 degrees around him, includes a hybrid of DW drums, Roland V-drums, and Sabian cymbals. His signature DW drum set is one of a kind, with a very high price tag on it. DW is not the only drum set Peart has used, however it is who he is signed with now. Peart has his own Instructional videos out as well with Hudson music.


Take the time to check out some of Neil Peart’s drum solos with these videos below or visit FreeDrumLessons.com for more Neil Peart drum videos. Although he is an aged drummer, his experience and skill on the kit is nothing to be ignored.

Neil Peart Videos

Neal Peart Drum Solo

Neil Peart from Rush -