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Keith Moon Bio

Keith Moon was born on the 23rd of August, 1946 and passed away on September 7, 1978. He is known to this day as on of the greatest rock and roll drummers ever. His unique style of the drums mixed chaotic and crazy drumming with intelligent and technical chops. He is best known for his drumming the rock group “The Who”. Keith Moon was a hyperactive child when he was growing up, and the only thing that would control this was music. At the age of 14 his parents bought him a drum set, from that day forward he knew his life would change. Moon was given lessons by famous (and loud) drummer Carlo Litle. Keith played many styles of music including jazz; however he specialized in American surf rock and R&B, being a master of groovy chops and fills. His playing style really set him apart from other conservative drummers, as he was always an incredible showman.

One of Keith Moon’s all time idols on the drums was Gene Krupa, whom he learned a lot from. Keith Moon was also known for his destructive lifestyle, often getting drunk and high on most of his shows. His recklessness got him in trouble on more than one occasion, one time even killing his 2 friends by accidentally hitting them in his car. In the late 70’s his life deteriated being addicted to alcohol and other drugs. One morning, they found him dead in his hotel overdosed on medication. This was a sad day for many drummers around the world. Although he is no long with us, his creative drumming style and showmanship will live on forever.

Look below to see a complete list of drum videos from Keith Moon and see exactly what kind of a drummer he was. Behind the showmanship is a very talented drummer that played for many bands besides the Who.

Keith Moon Videos

Keith Moon Drum Solo