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Billy Ashbaugh Bio

Billy Ashbaugh was born on Feb. 25th, 1964 in Maryland USA. Unlike other famous professional drummers, Billy didn’t start playing the drums until he was 15. However, by the time he was 18, he was already playing in a local club. Billy Ashbaugh is known for his playing the early 90’s band SNAP, and recent band NSYNC. His career with NSYNC really boosted his career, allowing him to appear on over 60 television shows. Ashbaugh played in the Super bowl XXXV Halftime Show! Billy is an incredible session drummer with amazing groove and chops. His style for the modern pop scene has made him quite the requested drummer.

Ashbaugh has had quite the career, playing for such musicians as Nelly, Gloria Estefan, Tim McGraw, Son by Four, and Christopher Cross. Ashbaugh released a video in 2001 called Taking Care Of Business, which got him shows at PASIC and the Modern Drum Festival. Billy Ashbaugh plays on a DW drum set and Paiste cymbals. His experience in the studio makes him a well sought after drummer.

Click below to check out the complete list of solos and drum instructional videos by Billy Ashbaugh and see what makes him such a talented drummer!

Billy Ashbaugh Videos

From "Takin Care Of Business" DVD

Live Drum Solo #1

Studio - Playing With A Track