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Terry Bozzio Bio

Terry Bozzio was born on December 27th 1950, in San Francisco. Been drumming ever since he was a young boy. Terry is known for his work with such all stars as Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Duran Duran, Don Dokken, and Korn. His incredible skill with time signature manipulation and the polyrhythm is unbelievable. Terry Bozzio is a master of playing polyrtyhms and making music with just drums alone. In fact, he has released many solo albums, some with only drums. He is known for the creation of the Ostinato on the drum kit. His drums are usually pitch tuned, giving tom a certain note; this allows him to create musical masterpieces on one drum set alone. He has literally played for dozens of albums, giving him a full arsenal of music categories and genres.

Terry Bozzio plays on a massive DW drum set consisting of literally dozens of drums and cymbals. To most, his set up looks a little ridiculous, with over eleven foot pedals; however, Bozzio seems to be able to play it quite well. Bozzio endorses DW drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth, and Latin Percussion. Terry Bozzio has a very large influence in the drumming scene today as he encourages modern drummers to become more than just time keepers. Like Terry, drummers are now striving to move to the front of the band, usually led by guitarists. Currently, Bozzio is in the studio with the heavy rock band KORN, as he has been filling in since their old drummer left.

Definitely take the time to check out FreeDrumLessons.com for Terry Bozzio drum videos or just view some of Terry’s videos below and see exactly why he is such an important drummer of our time. His solos captivate and entertain the way no other drum solo can. A true form of art!

Terry Bozzio Videos

Live Drum Solo #1

Solo With Chad Wackerman

Studio Drum Solo # 3