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Lars Ulrich Bio

Lars Ulrich was born on December 26th, 1963 in Denmark. He is the heavy metal drummer for the popular rock band Metallica. Lars started on the drums at an early age due to his father (Torben Ulrich), who played drums for such stars like Stan Getz and Miles Davis. To add to the family gift, jazz superstar Dexter Gordon was Lars’ godfather. Drumming was definitely in Lars’ family. At the age of 17, Lars Ulrich left his homeland and left for the USA where he would study drums more in depth. It wasn’t until 1981 when he met guitarist front man James Hetfield, and started the thrash metal band Metallica. Lars got most of his fame from his one of a kind thrash metal chops in Metallica. He is one of the most copied drummers in the metal scene ever. Metallica is not the only band Lars has played for; he has filled in for many drummers on tour; including filling in for Guns and Roses on their latest Chinese Democracy tour.

Lars is also known for his involvement in the shutting down of Napster music downloading giant. His strong views about illegal downloading helped shut down the free music network online. Lars Ulrich has endorsed Tama drums for as long as he has been with Metallica. He has played on too many drum sets to mention them all, however he is known for his double bass drum set ups. His most recent kit is the Tama Starclassic Maple kit. Ulrich is a huge enforcer of the Tama Iron Cobra bass pedal, and has helped make them popular. As for cymbals, Ulrich endorses Zildjian A, Z, and K Customs.

Being one of the founders of thrash metal, it’s a good idea to check out some of Lars’ drum videos and solos. Beneath his heavy chops and metal beats is a very skilled and technical drummer that definitely knows his way around the drums!

Lars Ulrich Videos

A classic drum solo by Lars Ulrich

Great Live Lars Solo!

Lars Ulrich rocking out with Metallica

Lars Ulrich live with Metallica