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Chad Smith Bio

Chad Smith was born on October 25, 1961 in Minnesota. He started his musical career by dropping out of high school and joining many bands; one in which eventually released an album. It wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles when he joined the band he is famous for – the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Chad Smith is known for his funk rock style of music made popular by the Chili Peppers. His drumming style is very catchy and technical, despite his lack of formal education. Chad Smith has a groove like no other, wrapping any listener into his beats leaving them wanting more. His technical beats have a simplistic sound that proves to be quite skilled. He has done sessions for many bands besides the Chili Peppers, like: The Dixie Chicks, Glenn Hughes, Johnny Cash, Dave Navarro, Howard Stern, and Queen Remix. With a list like this, Smith is definitely well seasoned and experienced in modern and classic rock.

Chad Smith specializes in Funk rock music, playing on a Pearl drum set. He has been endorsed by Pearl and Sabian for most of his career, playing on a variety of different drum sets. Smith played on a Pearl Masters Custom MRX drum set for 6 years of his life before he switched to the Pearl Reference kit for his latest album with the Peppers called Stadium Ardacium. Smith plays a mixture of Sabian AA and AAX cymbals. With these manufactures, Chad has made a few signature percussion pieces. This includes a Chad Smith Signature Snare, and a Chad Smith Explosion Crash Cymbal. In addition to this, Smith also has a set of Signature sticks called the Funkmasters from Vater. Chad Smith is definitely one of the best funk drummers around. He even created an instructional DVD in his early career called “Red Hot Rhythm Method”.

With such a history, there’s no wonder why Chad Smith is so well known in the drumming community. Take a look below at some of Chad Smiths great funk solo’s and grooves or visit FreeDrumLessons.com for more Chad Smith drum videos. Hopefully you can pick up a thing or two for your next groove session!

Chad Smith Videos

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