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Chris Adler Bio

Chris Adler was born on Nov. 23rd, 1972 in the USA. He is known for his huge roll in the metal rock band Lamb of God, and Burn the Priest. His drumming style is very unique, mastering the Heel-Toe method on the bass drum. Adler is one of the first drummers to really nail this method and use it in many different songs. Adler is a very talented musician who can play a lot more than just the drums. He can play the piano, the guitar, the bas guitar, as well as the saxophone. His technical chops incorporate odd time signatures and complex double bass patterns. Definitely an influential drummer of his genre.


Chris Adler plays on a Saturn Series Mapex drum set. He has a fairly large set up, using a Gibraltar rack to mount all his toms and cymbals. Adler uses the popular Axis bass pedals with his dual bass drum set up. For his cymbals, Adler endorses Meinl. He has created a custom 24 inch ride cymbal. Adler is recently seen on Lamb of God’s latest DVD, Killadelphia, where he really shows off his skill behind the drum set. Adler is a well respected drummer in the heavy metal rock music scene!


Take a look at some of Adler’s drumming videos below and see why he deserves all the credit when it comes to double bass drum playing or view these other Chris Adler drum videos.

Chris Adler Videos

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