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Ian Paice Bio

Ian Paice was born in England on June 29, 1948.  Paice is known for being the only founding member of the band Deep Purple. Ian Paice is influenced by drumming legend Buddy Rich, and has been drumming ever since he was a young kid. Since Buddy Rich gave him so much inspiration, he has a lot of jazz drumming in his style. In fact you can see the Buddy influence in his soloing and drum videos below. Deep Purple was the heaviest rock band of its time (1960’s + 1970’s) The drums were a huge part of the band, rising Paice to fandom very quickly. Paice is one of the few professional left handed drummers around.

For most of his life Ian Paice played on a vintage Ludwig drum set. This was evident mostly in his career with Deep Purple; however, in the mid 80’s he switched to Pearl. His drum set up is usually quite unique, having a pyramid of toms set up right in the middle of his drum kit. Paice is not fan of the double bass drum set up; however he does play the double kicker pedals. Although he is aging, he is not slowing down with drumming. Recently he appeared as a guest drummer for the former Beatles Star Paul McCartney. Paice also recently released a drumming DVD aimed for drummers as well as fans of Deep Purple.

Take a look below at some of Ian Paice’s drum videos and solos. Paice has drummed along side of famous drummer Chad Smith, as you can see in one of his drum duets.

Ian Paice Videos

Ian Paice and Chad Smith

Ian Paice Drum Solo