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Gavin Harrison Bio

Garvin Harrison was born in May of 1963 in Harrow London. He is best known for his progressive drumming style for the British band Porcupine Tree. His style on the drums is like no other, mixing total groove and funk with progressive rock. A very good mix in which he pulls off perfectly. Gavin Harrison is a master teacher as well as performer. He has 2 books out called Rhythmic Illusions, and Rhythmic Perspectives which have sold hundreds. He also produced his own Instructional DVD’s in his home studio called Rhythmic Visions, and Rhythmic Horizons. These DVD’s are packed with chops, beats, and grooves from his band Porcupine Tree.

Gavin Harrison currently endorses SONAR drums, playing on quite a large kit consisting of 8x8, 8x10, 9x12, 12x14, 14x16 toms and a 22” Bass drum. In addition to this, he endorses Zildjian cymbals, playing the A Custom and K custom series cymbal. Gavin has done a lot of studio session work for tons of albums. He has played for Jakko, Lewis Taylor, Raf, and Aro Cosentino to name a few. He is definitely a powerful drummer in the music scene that has his own following.

Check out below to see a complete list of Gavin Harrison’s drum solos, grooves, and studio work or click here for more Gavin Harrison drum videos. You will be able to see quite quickly why he is so popular.

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Gavin Harrison