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Steve Smith Bio

Steve Smith was born on August 21, 1954 in Brockton, Massachusetts. He has been playing drums ever since he was a young boy, taking lessons whenever he could. Soon after he graduated from Berklee College of Music, he joined the popular band Journey. This was a very popular band that reunited in 1996 with Steve Smith. Apart from Journey, Steve has done work for Mariah Carey, Andrea Becelli, Savage Garden, and Bryan Adams. Steve Smith also is huge in the jazz scene, playing for countless numbers of famous jazz musicians. He is known as the all time American Drummer, with excellent stick and brush control in both matched and traditional grip. In 2001, Smith was voted into the modern drummer hall of fame, and placed into the top 25 drummers of all time.

Steve Smith is known for his incredible knowledge in practically every style of music. His skills in rock music, jazz music, contemporary and more, only prove him to be a well educated and experienced drummer. His DVD “Steve Smith Drumset Techniques – History of the US Beat” has sold thousands of copies and is one of the best selling drum videos around. He currently plays for a jazz tribute band Steveto all the famous drummers, such as Buddy Rich. Steve Smith plays on a Sonar drum set that ranges from size depending on the venue. He is singed on with Zildjian, and uses a mixture of Zildjian and K custom cymbals.

Steve Smith is definitely one of the all time best drummers of his time. Playing for multiple rock groups and such tribute bands as Buddy Rich, he definitely has experience and education behind his belt. Check out some of the videos below to see just how amazing Steve Smith really is!  You can also watch more Steve Smith drum videos here!

Steve Smith Videos

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