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Akira Jimbo Bio

Akria Jimbo was born on Feb. 27, 1959 in Tokyo Japan. Jimbo is known for is incredible independence and speed with his sticks. His solos are truly unique incorporating a number of electric drums to add a melody and orchestra sometimes. Akira Jimbo is a freelance jazz fusion drummer who plays in a number of jazz fusion bands in Japan. His popularity in Japan is massive, and it has spread worldwide. At the age of 18, Akira joined the Keio University Light Music Society Big Band. He has been made famous for his involvement in the fusion band Casiopea for 10 years of his life. He is by far one of the best solo drummers to listen to.

Akira now plays with fellow Japanese drummer Hiroyuki Noritake in a drum duo group called the Drum-Duo Synchronized DNA. He plays drum clinics across the USA and Japan with Noritake. Akira Jimbo is the first Asian to be featured on the cover of Modern Drummer Magazine. Akira uses Yamaha drums for all of his shows and clinics. He uses a hybrid of Yamaha Oak Custom drums and the DTX electric drums. For cymbals, Akira uses Zildjian custom cymbals. In his career so far, Jimbo has been in 6 drum videos, and created over 10 solo albums. He can entertain a crowd for hours with just him alone on the drums due to his incredible soloing abilities.

Jimbo is definitely a drummer to look into if you haven’t already. Look below to see a complete list of videos and solos from Akira Jimbo or click here for more Akira Jimbo drum videos.

Akira Jimbo Videos

A famous drum solo by Akira Jimbo