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Jared Falk Bio

The art of drumming has been around for hundreds of years.  Throughout this time, drummers have passed along their knowledge from generation to generation, from teacher to student, each adding their own personal touches to the existing knowledge. This cycle has resulted in the evolution of drumming.  There is a vast amount of knowledge on this instrument that you can learn just by keeping an ear out for talented, experienced musicians.  Drummer, Jared Falk is one of these musicians.

Jared’s drumming career began when he was 15 years old.  His first teacher was Ron Janzen, a musician in a Christian rock group called The Doxa Band, which Jared later joined and played with for four years.  Ron didn’t have a lot of technical training but was a great encouragement to Jared as he first started out. His next lessons came from Brad Naylor, a high school teacher, who gave him a much needed technical approach to drumming.  However, Jared’s most influential teacher whom he credits for taking his playing ‘to the next level’ is Lionel Duperron.  Under his study, Jared learned the Moeller Method which gave him an edge and improved his drumming tremendously. This method combines a variety of techniques with the goal of improving hand speed, power, and control.  Jared has since filmed and produced a DVD, Moeller Method Secrets, with drummer Mike Michalkow showing the application of this technique to the drum kit.

The next step in Jared’s professional career was a six month tour with a solo artist, Riley Armstrong.  He soon determined that touring was not as glamorous as it sounded, and by the time he returned home he was thinking about giving up drumming for a while. He went back to working a sales job for the family business but taught a little on the side.  Lionel Duperron left the teaching community around this time and graciously passed along his rotation of students for Jared to continue instructing. 

Rick Kettner, a fellow drummer, contacted Jared to get a few lessons from him.  During their first session Rick demonstrated his Heel-Toe-Technique that he was a fan of and played quite effortlessly.  Rick had also posted an instructional video teaching this technique online which had gotten a lot of viewers from around the world.  It was at this point that they decided to market and sell drum instructional products. This marked the beginning of a partnership now known as Railroad Media Inc. a company which specializes in the production of drum instructional products. 

To date, Railroad Media Inc. has produced over 8 instructional packages, many of which Jared is the featured instructor: One Handed Drum Roll, Bass Drum Secrets, and the Rock Drumming System.  You will find Railroad Media’s complete line of instructional products by visiting www.RailroadMedia.com.

Jared Falk has continued to be an active professional musician and teacher.  In addition to developing new teaching tools for drummers, he plays with a Christian pop band, Blue Rain, and tours with Perry Springman, of Perry and the Poor Boys, several times a year.

Jared Falk is still actively creating content for the drumming community.  Be sure to check out more Jared Falk drum videos, and Jared Falk pictures here!   

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