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Daniel Adair Bio

Daniel Adair was born on Feb. 19, 1975 in Hanna Alberta. He is a very popular drummer in the modern rock alternative scene, drumming for very talented band Nickelback. Daniel started drumming when he was 13 years old, by playing on his dads old 1967 Ludwig drum set in the garage. After watching some drummers on popular music videos he decided he wanted to be a drummer full time. After working at a local music store, his doors started to open. He played for a band called Martone, which made many albums and toured many cities. Soon after this, he joined up with the famous band 3 Doors Down. He played with these guys for a few years until he got hired by Chad Kroeger to play for Nickelback.  After releasing a number one album, “All the Right Reasons”, he has become one very influential drummer of his time.

Daniel Adair is probably one of the best modern rock drummers around, playing for many bands like Faber, Theory of a Deadman, Bo Bice, and Thornley. His skill to play unique beats that complement the song is immense. Adair currently endorses Pearl drums, playing a Pearl Masterworks Drum set, with Sabian AAX and HHX Cymbals. Although Adair plays mainly steady beats and rock drumming grooves, his ability to solo should not be overlooked. He is an amazing musician and soloist.

Check below to see some examples of his skill and showmanship on the drums with these solo videos below or visit FreeDrumLessons.com for more Daniel Adair drum videos!

Daniel Adair Videos

Live Drum Solo #1

Live Drum Solo #2

Live Drum Solo #3

Nickleback's All The Right Reasons Tour 2006

Live Drum Solo For "Maritone"