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Jim Chapin Bio

James Chapin, also known as ‘Jim’, was born on July, 23 1919 in the United States. In Jim’s teenage years, he started to get involved in music and going to various local shows and performances regarding music. Chapin has looked up to the work of Sanford Moeller, along with being a long lasting student of his; Jim has taken the popular Moeller method and has taught many drummers. Throughout his constant drumming career, Jim began too pick up more and more techniques and solo abilities. In the late 40’s Jim wrote two volumes for Advanced drumming Techniques in the popular Modern Drummer magazine. Later, he wrote a second volume to the magazine and had it published before the 1950’s. Jim has been primarily remembered by his jazz drumming and moeller techniques. This way of drumming has been taught through Jim’s teaching to well know drummers such as Thomas Lang and Dom Famularo.

Jim is without a doubt an amazing drummer, who still, at the age of 88 continues to show his passion for music and his desire to help those drummers around him. He has been helping his three sons who are also drummers and talented musicians. Harry, Steve and Tom Chapin have all been involved in music with their father since they were born.

Check out and look at the videos below to see Jim’s drumming abilities and techniques.

Jim Chapin Videos

Jim Chapin teaching basic moeller technique