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Vinnie Colaiuta Bio

Vincent (Vinnie) Colaiuta was born on Feb. 5th 1956 in Pennsylvania. He is an inspirational drummer that can teach anybody something new about the drums. Colaiuta is known for his drumming for famous artists Frank Zappa and Sting; however he has done so much more. Vinnie Colaiuta started playing the drums at an early age; however he only got his first drum set at the age 14. It was in 1978, when he was 22, when he auditioned for Frank Zappa and got accepted. When his career with Zappa was over, Colaiuta played with many artists and groups. He is known for his appearances with drumming legends Buddy Rich, Quincy Jones, and Chick Corea.

Vinnie Colaiuta has won many awards in his lifetime. He won Modern Drummers “Drummer of the Year” 18 times. In addition to this, he has also won Modern Drummers top-25 Drumming Performances of All Time award for his performance with Frank Zappa. He was also enrolled into the drumming Hall of Fame. All in all Vinnie Colaiuta is a well educated and well experienced drummer. His close friend Dom Famularo is also a master drummer, who holds Vinnie Colaiuta at a high Level. Vinnie Colaiuta has just finished touring with Faith Hill and recording for the newest Megadeath album.

Look below or at these Vinnie Colaiuta drum videos to see a complete list of Vinnie Colaiuta’s drum solos and videos. See just why he won Drummer of the Year 18 times!

Vinnie Colaiuta Videos

Vinnie playing with Dave Weckl and Steve Gadd