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Dave Lombardo Bio

Dave Lambardo was born on Feb. 16, 1965 in Cuba. He is known for is roll in the thrash metal band Slayer. Dave Lombardo is recognized for hi speed, probably being one of the fastest and most aggressive thrash metal bands around. He is a master of the double bass drum, driving each song with a technical double bass drum beat. Lombardo grew up in California playing the bongos for his favorite band of the time Santana. This led him to join a number of school bands. Lombardo learned how to play the drums on his first drum set, a Pearl Maxwin set. Dave Lombardo’s musical influences include Led Zeppelins John Bonham, Kiss’s Peter Criss, ACDC, and Black Sabbath. He joined a band under the name Sabotage, which had no success.

In 1981, Lombardo joined the band Slayer, after being a pizza delivery boy for too long. This band was an extremely heavy metal band, which fit right into Lombardo’s drumming styles. A long history with Slayer included him leaving the band on a number of occasions, one reason being he wanted to witness the birth of his first born son. Eventually he joined back with Slayer to play such tours as Ozzfest. Lombardo has played for many bands and studio sessions, including covering for Lars Ulrich in one of Metallicas shows. Lombardi has been using Tama drums ever since he was young, playing a Maple Starclassic on his latest tour. He the known as the Godfather of the double bass.

Check out a list of Dave Lombardo’s drumming solo videos and live performances below.

Dave Lombardo Videos

A very nice clean solo from Dave Lombardo