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Dennis Chambers Bio

American drummer Dennis Chambers has been playing the drums since the age of 4. He is a completely self taught drummer that is a master of funk fusion drummer. By the age of 6, Chambers was already playing in Baltimore area clubs! Chambers is probably one of the best jazz funk fusion drummers of all time. His most notable work is with famous artists Carlos Santana, John Scofield, Steely Dan, Funkadelic, and Mike Stern. His incredible ability to play right in the pocket has set him apart as one of the best groove drummers ever. Chambers’ technical drumming has also landed him gigs with very popular bassist like Victor Wooten and more!

Dennis Chambers has had numerous albums out since the 1980’s all the to 2006. Some of his best work is with groove master Carlos Santana. Chambers has also recorded his own album called “Getting Even”, as well as his own instructional video. Dennis Chambers is highly looked at in the music community. His drum set consists of a Pearl Masterworks Maple Kit with Zildjian cymbals. He has a signature series snare drum with Pearl that has a very high crack to it.

Check out below or view these Dennis Chambers drum videos to see a complete list of drumming groove videos by Dennis Chambers. You will be able to see right away why he is such an amazing funk fusion drummer!

Dennis Chambers Videos

Studio Drum Solo # 1

Studio Drum Solo # 2 - With Niacin

Live Drum Solo #1 - John McLaughlin

Buddy Rich Big Band #1

Buddy Rich Big Band #2 - Dancing Man