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Phil Collins Bio

Phil Collins was born on January 30th, 1951 in London England. He is most commonly known for his solo work as a singer and drummer, and his work as the lead vocalist and drummer for the band genesis. Phil Collins was one of the first successful drummers to make is as a lead vocalist, showing that a drummer is not limited to rhythm only. For this, Collins is very influential to many aspiring drummers who are looking for more than just a role behind the drum set. Collins started drumming when he received a toy drum set at the age of 5 for Christmas one year. By the age of fourteen, Collins was already getting professional lessons. Phil’s drive for popularity and success made him the man he is today.

Phil Collins has had many achievements in his life. He has been in movies, educational DVD’s, and more. His song writing career has won him 8 number one song awards. In addition to this, he has also won an Oscar for his song writing for Disney’s animated film Tarzan. Phil Collins is a left handed drummer, which are rare to find. Collins has played a number of drum sets; however he is best known for playing Gretsch drums, and Sabian cymbals. Although Collins is known more of a song writer and singer, his drumming kills cannot be overlooked. He has played for many rock bands as well as jazz bands. One of his better groups he is known for is the Buddy rich tribute band. His stick control and soloing is very technical.

Take a moment to look at some of Phil Collins drum work in solos and live performances. Being able to lead vocals as well as play drums is tricky thing to do!

Phil Collins Videos

Phil Collins playing a drumm solo in 2005.

Phil Collins and Chester Thompson playing a drum duet!