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Larry Mullen Bio

Larry Mullen, Jr. was born in Dublin, Ireland in the year of 1961 and is the drummer for the ever so popular and exciting band, U2. Larry began his musical experience at the age of eight, with the support of his parents to take up piano lessons. In 1970, his sister bought him a drum set and from there, Larry’s interest from the piano dramatically left and his passion for percussion grew increasingly. Larry started to take drum lessons with Joe Bonnie and in the mid 1970’s, Larry became a member of the Artane Boy’s Band, a military-drumming group. A few years later, once Larry was in high school in 1976, he posted a message at his school; claiming he wants to start a band. From that, U2 was formed into what it is now!


Throughout the next two decades, U2’s Larry Mullen, Jr. has grown into an international figure and he continues to bring out new techniques and drumming patterns. Mullen has had a very strong influence in the bands lyrics and even the notational aspect of music. Larry has been seen singing with The Edge and Bono on U2’s latest, Vertigo Tour. He has also been involved with numerous world class musicians in different projects; including B.B. King, Nanci Griffith and Daniel Lanois (to name a few). He has been a ferm user of Paiste cymbals and Yamaha Drums.


Take a look at the large amount of videos which include Larry Mullen and U2’s live performances.

Larry Mullen Videos

Larry Mullen playing a small outtro solo at a U2 concert.