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Derrick Pope Bio

Derrick Pope is a young drummer who has become increasingly popular in the drumming community due to his training videos and stick skills. Derrick Started playing the drums at an early age, and has been playing ever since. His passion for music has driven him to succeed in many areas of drumming. Early on in his life he received drum lessons, however he is mostly self taught. Derrick competed in many drum battles and solo competitions when he was younger. He was so good at these; he eventually got banned from some of them. Whether it’s educating local high schools, or playing in local drum lines, Derrick Pope is always playing the drums.

Derrick Pope is more than just a drummer. Recently, he has gotten into IT and web design. Along with this, Derrick has also started creating and composing his own music. It is these skills that are helping Derrick become more and more popular with his drumming. Derrick has shared a number of training videos online and within the drum forums. These training videos (most popular the Moeller method video) have become the standard for a lot of upcoming drummers because of their effectiveness, and they are free. Derrick is currently working on a DVD to be released in the near future!

Check out the list of free Derrick Pope videos that helped get him become so popular in the drumming community!

Derrick Pope Videos

Derrick Pope explaining the heel toe technique

Derrick Pope explaining the one handed Roll.