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Antonio Sanchez Bio

Antonio Sanchez was born on November 1, 1971 in Mexico City. At an early age, Antonio found an extreme attraction towards the drums. With in a few years of drum lessons, Antonio Sanchez began performing at some local musical gigs; playing an assortment of drumming styles from rock, Latin to jazz and even fusion. After being exposed to the experience of playing drums, at the age of seventeen, Antonio applied at the National Conservatory of Music. While spending time studying classical piano, vocal ensembles, composition and severe drum practices, Antonio worked hard in his studies and earned a scholarship for Jazz Studies at Berklee Collage of Music. To follow the four years of Antonio’s graduation for his Masters of Jazz, he joined the Dizzy Gillespie's United Nation Orchestra. This tour brought Sanchez into the international spot light for jazz, which attracted producers and musicians from all over the world.

A short while later, Pat Metheny, a talented world class guitarist, approached Antonio inquiring a drummer. At the current moment, Antonio is drumming for the Pat Metheny Group; which has won a Grammy in 2003 for the “Best Contemporary Jazz Album.” Along with his devotion to Pat Metheny, Sanchez keeps hosting festivals and events for music and drumming. There are a few endorsements of Antonio’s including, Evans Drumheads, Yamaha Drums, LP Percussion and Zildjian Cymbals and Sticks.

Take a look at these videos of Antonio Sanchez and the many different groups and live tours he has played in!  You can also watch more Antonio Sanchez drum videos here!


Antonio Sanchez Videos

Antonio Sanchez Live Drum Solo